What is Volumetric Modular Technology?

Modular construction uses pre-engineered volumetric units that are installed on site as fitted-out and serviced 'building blocks'. The use of modular construction is directly influenced by the client's requirements for speed of construction, quality, added benefits of economy of scale, as well as single point procurement. These benefits may be quantified in a holistic assessment of the costs and value of modular construction in relation to more traditional alternatives.

More about Modular Construction...

In a rapidly changing environment, both clients and the supply chain are increasingly looking to improve performance and reduce or hopefully, eliminate conflict and disputes through a teamwork approach – modular construction has been hailed as the solution.

Volumetric modular technology reduces build times by an impressive 50-60% when compared to traditional processes – delivering a faster return on investment. Modular construction can also radically reduce risk for developers and contractors on a number of levels. Delivering enhanced predictability, the modular way lowers the financial risk and personal implications of delays, project overruns and accidents on site together with mitigating the impact of an increasingly volatile labour market.

Improving levels of safety and increasing the quality of the build are under increasing scrutiny. The modular approach offers assurances through the certainty and quality embedded into the manufacturing process. All performance data can be verified and coordinated as part of a structured process and time can be taken upfront to validate the correct specification of materials.

With its powerful combination of controlled deliverables and customisable outputs, modular construction provides the repeatable quality and safety needed to meet client demands whilst delivering the benefits of economies of scale, as well as single point procurement. 

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